What we do

We are not a translation agency. We are a team of independent translators working together to better serve our clients.


Swedish, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish & Norwegian.


Translation, proofreading, editing, subtitling, interpreting & transcreation.


Life science, IT, fashion, automotive, e-commerce, marketing, legal & tourism.

Why choose us

Higher quality – lower transaction costs

Collaborative Translation Process

Most translation providers only provide around one to three of the following steps in our collaborative translation process, which illustrates how we provide higher quality:

1. Rough draft by translator.

2. Research, editing and polishing of draft by translator.

3. Edits, suggestions for improvement and responses to questions by editor.

4. Review of edits, suggestions and comments by translator.

5. Dialogue between translator and editor to agree on best wording and resolve issues.

6. Dialogue between translator and client to address any remaining questions.

7. Final proofing in final format by translator.

Lean Translation Method

Your transaction costs are higher when it takes you a long time to find the right translator, or when you pay a higher fee than the cost of the translation service to cover an intermediary's transaction costs. We give you more value for your money by keeping transaction costs as low as possible. In fact, we are even happy to put you in direct contact with the right expert translator in our network completely free of charge. If on the other hand you require project management for multiple languages, we can also do that for a fee that only covers the time spent on this.

This is what we call the lean translation method. Read more about our collaborative business model that makes this possible.

  • Meet us in person in Lund or Ängelholm

  • Each with proven expertise in different in-demand industries

  • We provide up to 17 languages with partners

  • We are 100% commited to helping you get the most out of your translations

Meet the Team

Meet our team and get to know the people who do your translations.

David Friedman

Financial & Digital Communications
Swedish to English
I eliminate mistranslations that can confuse investors such as amortization for amortering and tone down screaming newsletters with too many exclamation points carried over from the Swedish. This American in Lund loves to work with innovative businesses. Tell me about yours.

Noelia Garasievich

Digital & Content Marketing
Swedish & English to Spanish
Hola! I craft and adapt web-optimized content through translation, transcreation and copywriting so that you can enjoy an authoritative digital presence, powerful client communications and higher sales. Find me at marketing events in Malmö and let’s talk about the latest trends.

Linda Kramer

English to Swedish
I have an MA in marketing and spent years as a marketing coordinator and project manager for e-commerce companies in the fashion industry such as Ellos. I translate, transcreate and adapt your texts to maximize sales for your products on the Swedish market.

Cajsa Lovisa Gustafsson

Legal & Marketing
French & English to Swedish
Contracts, terms & conditions and court documents are my cup of tea, but that’s not all there is to me. I combine my in-depth knowledge of legal terminology with the writing skills to make my clients’ translated websites and sales copy shine.

Carina Nilsson De Rosa

Tourism, Editing & Interpreting
English/German/Italian/Danish to Swedish
I’m an authorized guide and know every nook and cranny in Skåne. You can count on clear, consistent Swedish texts when I have worked on them – I’m LTT’s well-rounded editor with a laser eye for translations in a variety of fields. I also provide various interpreting services.

Örjan Skoglösa

Legal & Financial for Automotive
I know accounting, commercial law and vehicles, so I’m your man for documents such as financial reports, contracts and technical documentation for German and Swedish automotive companies. Put me in the driver’s seat and I will not let your translations crash and burn.

Malin Ohlson

English, French & Spanish to Swedish
My specialty is understanding software and translating it into clear Swedish for maximum user-friendliness. I have more than ten years experience of localization, documentation, translation and terminology at Qlik. I also translate marketing and educational materials from French and Spanish.

Johanna Holmgren

German & English to Swedish
I help you minimize patient safety risks with crystal clear translations of documentation for medical devices, laboratory equipment & clinical procedures. Find me at Medicon Village or German medtech events and let’s talk industry trends and best practices.

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