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Company update / Monday 3 June, 2013

Lund Translation Team links Sweden and Poland – article in Sydsvenskan Saturday 1 June

Translators Gabriela Zielinska and Eileen Laurie attended “Fokus Polen” (Focus on Poland) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Malmö on Tuesday 28 May. They not only got to know Swedish companies looking to extend their business to Poland. They were also interviewed by the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan about the translation business. Along with three other translators, Gabriela and Eileen have set up Lund Translation Team: a network of freelance translators in southern Sweden.

Click here to see the article (in Swedish). Scroll to the bottom to find Gabriela and Eileen.

Malmö is a city where north, south, east and west meet and is a vital business location, not only for Nordic companies, but also for their Baltic neighbours. Business means communication and that means dealing with different languages. Translators like the multinational members of Lund Translation Team – Annie, Cajsa, David, Eileen & Gabriela – help their clients do business with the world. We know that translation is much more than “just words”. Culture, traditions and expectations also play a crucial role.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce reinforces the professionalism and reliability of companies, from major players to small but dedicated enterprises that provide a tailored service to their clients.

Events like “Fokus Polen” are a great way to learn about innovations and international developments, as well as make contacts with other companies and entrepreneurs. Eileen and Gabriela thought the lunch and presentation were excellent and are looking forward to the next event.

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