Ideon’s 30-Year Anniversary Gala, Thursday October 3

Company update October 4, 2013


Ideon’s 30-Year Anniversary Gala, Thursday October 3


Last night, Ideon Science Park invited all Ideon companies to a glamorous Hollywood-esque gala featuring 7 short films by the companies.


The assignment was for two different companies to join forces and present a joint product or service in the form of a 30-second commercial. The results, which  were really funny and entertaining, included “The Laser Diaper”, which gives parents a heads up when a little present is waiting for them in their baby’s diaper, and “Inflate”, where a new invention was able to pump up the Ideon Gateway building until it was bigger than Turning Torso, the tallest building in Sweden.


Together with IdrottsEkonomiskt Centrum, a company involved in sports events, Lund Translation Team entered the competition with a film called “Global Afterwork Sports Bar – Ideon” where we wanted to emphasize the LIFT incubator’s aim of going international in an even bigger way. The idea was to organize an afterwork with a focus on sports, languages and communication at Ideon on the last Wednesday of each month. As opposed to the other entries in the competition, this is something we are actually going to do in real life!


Watch the film. We will let you know when we are going to hold our first afterwork.


And, guess what – we won first place in the Best Female Actor category! Congratulations Isabel!










We were also nominated for Best Male Actor and Best Foreign Language Film.


The awards ceremony was followed by a splendid evening with good food, entertainment and dancing.


Happy birthday Ideon!