Highlights from IoT Conference in Lund


The 3rd annual Internet of Things Conference at Ideon in Lund was held on September 8 and David and Malin from Lund Translation Team were on the scene to catch up on the latest industry trends. One of our favorite presentations was the keynote by Ashkan Fardost on Science, Technology & The New World Economy. He challenged those who roll out new technology without ensuring user-friendliness and ease of use, insisting that “No interface is the best interface”. He underscored this by calling for his audience to follow behavior trends instead of technology trends.


One of the other presentations that caught our interest was Building up an ecosystem around the activity based office by Linda Ekener Mägi from Ericsson. Linda shared insights from an IoT project at Ericsson’s Gothenburg office which made major strides in optimizing the use of space, sustainability, the level of service and staff efficiency. Various sensors and devices were used to collect much more extensive data on how all parts of the office building are used, from conference rooms and workstations to bathrooms, printers and even temperature variations throughout the building.

After the lunch break, we were re-energized by the insights in Digital transformation and Connected Consumer Experiences by David Cronström, Senior Innovation Portfolio Director at Electrolux. David talked about how the Internet of Things will put more emphasis on ongoing post-purchase dialogue with consumers to improve smart home appliances and the consumer experience. This dialogue can be harnessed to collect valuable data, share best practices and help consumers restock on supplies and schedule maintenance at just the right time. His presentation showed where IoT can enhance consumer experience in each part of day-to-day life. According to David, 86% of consumers will pay for a better experience and 72% will share positive experiences with more than 5 people. This gives IoT manufacturers great incentive to provide the best experience possible and build brand recognition through recommendations.

We would like to thank Ideon Meeting for a very well-organized event and Barista for the excellent food, especially the extremely delicious carrot cake!