Ideon Office

Company update / August 9, 2013

Lund Translation Team based in Ideon as of August 6th

With the sun still shining in Lund and people beginning to return from their summer vacations and get back to business, Lund Translation Team is also getting back from its summer break and turning up the heat – by moving into Ideon as a “LIFT company”.

The LIFT program at Ideon is a business incubator for service companies run by Lunds Nyföretagarcentrum (LNC). The incubator is located in Ideon Agora and is part of one of the most prominent business environments in southern Sweden: Ideon Science Park.

David Friedman, Lund Translation Team’s main contact person for LIFT, had the following to say about the strategic significance of LIFT for Lund Translation Team: “Moving into Ideon will give our translator cooperative a huge boost. Since building a solid network and establishing a strong local presence is a key part of our business model, LIFT is perfect for us. We are looking forward to meeting lots of interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs and contributing to a professional and collegial environment at Ideon.”

Gabriela Zielinska, Lund Translation Team’s Polish specialist, elaborated on the importance of the local aspect of Lund Translation Team’s presence at Ideon: “Ideon Science Park is a place full of opportunities for our business, providing us with a strong potential client base, and making Lund Translation Team accessible to a broader range of local business at Ideon. We pride ourselves on being able to meet our clients in person and participating in LIFT will open up more opportunities for that and enable us to position ourselves for new and exciting challenges.

Are you in the neighborhood? Don’t hesitate to come and visit us at Ideon Agora. Feel free to get in touch via email or by phone to make an appointment.
LNC reception: 046-286 88 00