LTT birthday spotlight: Cajsa Lovisa Gustafsson

DSC_1303November 30, Ängelholm – Here are a couple questions we asked Cajsa from our Ängelholm office so you can get to know her a little better on her birthday.

1. How did you end up joining LTT?

I met David in the beginning of 2013 as LTT was looking for new members. I always wanted to find a way to work closely with other translators, and we found out we shared the same views and ambitions, so I joined the team. It is great to have a team of other translators who you can rely on and collaborate closely with. I am especially happy to have our office at Valhall Park in Ängelholm, which I share with Johanna.

2. What do you specialize in?

I’m at my best when translating legal texts such as court orders, claim forms, distraint notices etc. from French into Swedish, given that I studied translation in Belgium and have studied Belgian and Swedish law. Every time I translate a legal text, I get very involved in the case and the story behind it and look forward to reading how things progress in the next text. But I also enjoy translating other types of texts such as websites where I can be a little more creative.

3. What have you been up to lately?

I recently finished a very large software localization project that had been ongoing since March this year. The software was developed by a Norwegian company and caters to the door and window manufacturing industry. Now it feels a little strange that it is suddenly over and done with, but I am looking forward to new projects in the coming new year.

4. One interesting thing about you?

At home I speak French, at work I speak Swedish and English. I communicate with many of my clients in German and some of them communicate with me in Danish. When I haven’t slept very well (e.g. when my kids wake me up in the middle of the night), I have been known to address my colleague Johanna in any number of languages when coming in to the office.