LTT birthday spotlight: David Friedman


September 5, Lund

  1. How did you end up joining LTT?

I started Lund Translation Team in 2011 because I didn’t like the idea of working alone and I thought we could accomplish more together. Considering how hard it can be to find people with the right skills, drive and motivation who happen to live close enough to be able to actively participate in person, I am very grateful to have each and every one of our current members by my side.

  1. What do you specialize in?

Swedish to English translation of corporate, financial, and digital communications for IT. This is the new way I decided to formulate my specialization during some branding work I have done over the summer. Besides corporate and financial communications, which I have specialized in for a while, I am now focusing more on digital communications by taking courses and attending conferences in writing for the web. One of the courses that got me jumpstarted in that direction was a full day course in writing for the web by Anna Sandahl in June ( I thought other translators could benefit from it too, so I have arranged to bring her in for a course especially for SFÖ’s members in Lund on October 28 in coordination with the rest of SFÖ’s CPD Committee.

Although I have translated communications for various industries in the past, I decided I wanted to focus more on the IT industry. I have been getting more clients in IT recently and have found that I connect well with the goals and concept of my clients and have a genuine interest in the latest technology. One of my favorite IT clients is Urban ICT Arena ( The work they are doing is very fascinating and I always enjoy myself and feel inspired when translating and editing their texts. IT is also the dominant industry at Ideon Science Park, where we have had an office and been hanging out with interesting peeps at the weekly breakfasts and other events for more than three years.

  1. What have you been up to lately?

I have been involved in organizing SLAM! (, a major international translation conference coming to Malmö on September 24. I’m really looking forward to exchanging ideas and networking with industry leaders from all of Scandinavia and beyond. I am also working on a new website I have high hopes for. It’s not done yet, but check back sometime in just a few more weeks.

  1. One interesting thing about you?

“Davespeak” is sometimes used teasingly by my colleagues and me self-consciously to refer to something I have written which is overly complicated or wordy. Other times, my colleagues use it appreciatively when I churn out a quick sentence or two for them to use in emails. I enjoy helping colleagues and clients solve problems and enjoy all the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. I think that’s why I sometimes go bonkers with Davespeak. I’m working on controlling myself on the overly complicated and wordy side and harnessing the quick and useful one more.david