LTT birthday spotlight: Linda Kramer


How did you end up joining LTT?

After working in marketing and sales for over ten years, I felt I longed for more freedom in my life. So I decided to open my own company as a freelance translator during my maternity leave. I was fortunate to meet David in the very beginning and he introduced me to the rest of the team. I then joined LTT after about 6 months when my maternity leave was ending and I started working full time.

What do you specialize in?

My specializations are marketing and e-commerce. I worked as a marketing coordinator and project manager for major e-commerce companies such as Ellos and Boozt for several years and I hold an MA in marketing. I translate from English to Swedish, edit Swedish texts and translations, and do quite a lot of transcreation. I enjoy transcreation because I get to use my marketing skills to adapt messages for the Swedish market.

What have you been up to lately?

I’m on a retainer for one of the world’s biggest gaming companies, which keeps me pretty busy. I also do regular recurring work on major international brands such as one that sells footwear and apparel, an American coffeehouse chain and a web and mobile application for photo sharing. In addition, I’m involved in the Continuing Professional Development Committee of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) and share responsibility with David for planning SFÖ activities in southern Sweden.

One interesting thing about you?

I am a domestic goddess that hates to clean. I love cooking, baking and growing my own food. We recently bought a house and I managed to grow potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, cabbage, sugar snaps, salad, winter squash, raspberries and strawberries this summer. My dream is to one day maybe have my own chickens. And bees!