LTT Birthday Spotlight: Noelia Garasievich

How did you end up joining LTT? 

After meeting Cajsa and Linda earlier on, I met Dave to get some advice in September 2016. When I realized over lunch that we had similar visions and dreams of building our own client bases and working closely with clients, and that Lund Translation Team was set up precisely for this purpose, I knew I wanted to be a part of that. It took some time before I could officially become a member of LTT, but it felt so right from the beginning, like I had found my tribe at long last.


What do you specialize in?

Translation of marketing materials from Swedish and English to Spanish and adaptation of texts for Spanish-speaking markets. I find it so much fun to play with words and phrases and find just the right way of engaging a market with different mindsets, preferences and perceptions.

Over the years, I have grown closer to copywriting, one of my old dream careers along with acting and marketing, and I have embraced new concepts and ways of thinking about written communication. This has helped me deepen my specialization in marketing and communications.


What have you been up to lately?

I have been working closely with one of my favorite clients who is on a mission to find a new, useful and functional way to shape global governance. I love the topics of the texts I translate for them because they are very close to my heart and my formal university education.

Lund Translation Team has also recently started working for a client that needs multiple languages, including Spanish. I get to translate material very closely related to what I love reading about in my free time: design, art and interior design. I really get to put my language skills and knowledge of copywriting to use all at once to adapt their web content specifically for the Spanish market.

I am continuing my online education in content strategy at Copyblogger. My goal is to be able to finish some modules on how to create e-books and white papers by the summer.

I also serve on the Continuing Professional Development Committee of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) with my fellow LTT members David, Linda and Johanna. I’m currently working on learning to use GoToWebinar so that I can help organize webinars in the future.


One interesting thing about you?

I am very outgoing so when I come home to my private bunker I need to be surrounded by creative activities that bring quietness and meditative silence to my day. Coloring and painting has always been my mindfulness moment of the day since early childhood.  My mind settles down to a quiet rest while I play with colors. I always have some creative project at home that fuels up my energy outside work.  At times, it has been origami and my home gets all dressed up with paper flowers and birds. Other times I have had different colorful motifs of nature made with hama beads hanging from the most unusual places or mandalas displaying interesting messages attached to windows and doors.


I need color. I need change. I need laughter. Let’s go grab a coffee and chat about our dreams!