LTT Birthday Spotlight: Örjan Skogslösa

How did you end up joining LTT? 
I just fell in love with the gang. (It´s good for my bottom line, too.)

What do you specialize in?
German to Swedish translation in business law, finance and vehicle technology.

What have you been up to lately?
I’ve been helping shape the future of our team as it undergoes a major change. The old team is going down in flames and a new phoenix is arising from the ashes: LTT is becoming a legal entity! We are exploring a fascinating legal form in Sweden called economic association (ekonomisk förening), which appears to fit our business model like a glove. Economic associations are designed to generate profit for their members, not for themselves. And that is exactly what we think makes our business model unique within the translation industry. I would love to hear your thoughts and experience relating to this legal form in the comments below.

One interesting thing about you?
Twice a year I move my office and residence to my former hometown of Hamburg, Germany and stay there for about a month. This helps me keep my language skills and know-how up to date and I also get to spend time with my childhood friends, which is really awesome and very important.