LTT in SFÖ journal

Check out this 2-page article about us (in Swedish) in the Swedish Association of Professional Translator (SFÖ)’s journal on pages 24-25.

The article is written in interview format with each of our 8 members chiming in on how our business model benefits clients. We strive to offer clients the best of both worlds the range of services of a translation agency on the one hand and the personal accountability and dedication of individual professionals on the other. We pool each of our individual networks into one larger network and make referrals for projects when needed. These referrals are appreciated by our clients and our colleagues and build trust for future projects a win-win-win.

We also talk about why we chose to work together. One of the key factors is that we see value in marketing ourselves together and put a special focus on helping each other with our marketing. Sharing office space plays an important role in this.

The article features information about two other Sweden-based translation teams (Oktagon and Översättargruppen) as well. We are especially interested in collaborating with other translation teams and spreading our business model, which we also see as a win-win-win for our clients, our colleagues, and for us.