Member spotlight: Malin Sjöberg

  1. How did you end up joining LTT?

I met David at my very first SFÖ after-work event I attended here in Lund in May 2015. David told me about the team and I felt right away that I wanted to be a member. I met a couple other team members at other SFÖ events and met the whole team a couple of times and grew even more convinced. I finally joined in February 2016.

I really enjoy having colleagues again and how we share both success and challenges. There is always someone to discuss any type of translation-related problems with and we encourage each other to aim higher.

  1. What do you specialize in?

I specialize in software translation and localization from English to Swedish. I have in-depth experience from working as an in-house translator for more than ten years at software company Qlik.

  1. What have you been up to lately?

Given that I can do better work faster within my area of specialization, I have been gradually raising the portion of software translations in my workload. One of my favorite projects was creating an introductory guide for a PIM (Product Information Management) software.  I would like to find more projects like that.

Along with David, I have a permanent workplace at Ideon and am there several times a week. I went to the IOT Conference at Ideon in the fall and represented Lund Translation Team at Urban ICT Arena’s opening ceremony in November, given that LTT is an Associated Partner of Urban ICT Arena.

  1. One interesting thing about you?

I love gardening and spend as much time as possible outdoors now that spring is here. I like the contrast between working at my computer and then wind down digging dirt in the garden J.