Rebranding Announcement

May 12, 2014

Rebranding Announcement

We at Lund Translation Team, David Friedman, Cajsa Lovisa Gustafsson, Carina Nilsson De Rosa and Ping Liu, are proud to present our new graphic profile and logo, which will be appearing on our website and social media channels this week.

We are looking to focus on industry-specific solutions, our branding and our positioning.We want to make it crystal clear to clients how they can benefit from choosing us.

New website content under the solutions tab shows how we can serve clients in specific industries with solutions tailored to meet their needs.

We will also be bolstering our social media presence, with a company page on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +, and a fresh start for our company blog.

We hope you like our branding as much as we do and look forward to being in touch on social media and in person at Ideon, business events and other venues.

Kelly Darby of Built By Kelly was instrumental in producing the new design and throughout the entire rebranding process.

Martin Hållö Spencer of Foto Arki was responsible for our new photography, including the pictures below from a brainstorming session with Kelly in February, 2014.