Thoughts on SFÖ annual conference 2013

Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) annual conference, Gothenburg April 19-21 2013


Images: Mox’s Blog

Given the nature of our profession, translators spend a lot of time alone, thinking quietly and pondering about words, grammar, syntax and culture as well as cursing the technical gremlin that is preventing them at that moment from sending the translation to the client.

But talking to other human beings? Interaction? Chat? Dancing? – Well, the jobbing translator may not get too many opportunities to shuck and jive, but when we do the noise level is incredible. Imagine all those silent scribes opening their mouths en masse.

And that sound is basically every translation conference I have ever attended. The conference programme may or may not be inspiring. You may or may not improve your technological skills. But if you make a move to speak to a fellow translator during the coffee break, lunch, dinner, evening entertainment, you will get some kind of conversation going.

So why not join a professional translators’ association? Attend its conferences. Raise the profile of your profession. Chew the fat (the low-fat fat) with your wordsmith colleagues. Do good work and get other people to talk about it.

See you at the next conference?

Eileen Laurie May 2013.